An accidental iOS developer

I grew up in a small village in central England, enjoying all things technical and digital, but leaning towards becoming a mechanical engineer.

I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2013 with a MEng in mechanical engineering and went straight to work in southern London.

During my time at university I had learned some basic coding, and gotten to know iOS as a consumer. In 2014, amid the Flappy Bird craze, I decided to buy a MacBook and get rich overnight by writing an app.

Obviously that rarely happens, but I did dive head first into a creative outlet beyond anything a career in mechanical engineering could give me. I spent three years of developing as a hobby, learning how to take full advantage Swift and Apple’s major frameworks.

At this point I decided to drop my job, and go all in on iOS development. I landed a job nearby for an app agency, and have not looked back since.

Since then I have focussed on creating intuitive applications, using the most efficient code I can create. I always aim to take advantage of the latest Apple has to offer and be at the current edge of mobile tech.

To this end I continue to create my own projects, where I have the freedom to learn and grow as a developer.

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